Unheard Voices

Don't test the color of my blood

Introducing myself May 25, 2009


Regini David has been organizing grassroots action with women and low-income families for 23 years in Sri Lanka(Poorani Women’s Centre & Soorya Women’s Centre), Germany, Canada and USA. For over 10 years she was a union organizer with the labour movement. Regini David was an organizer with the Workers’ Action Centre where she worked to mobilize and struggle for better working conditions. She has been a relentless advocate for raising the minimum wage and improving the rights of temp workers in Ontario, Canada. Regini David is currently a committee member of the Justice for Sri-Lankan Women. She continues to mobilize workers in the grassroot level and for equal rights for women and people of colour.



Any information in this blog could be used for any purpose, but I expect you to respect the unheard voices who never had space, who had their faces erased and being erased from history. As someone who wanted to bring many unheard voices from the grassroots level, I am taking responsibility to make sure the unheard voices and their history are recorded as theirs. When quoting please give a link to particular posts.

Thank you for your time.


நண்பர்களே, எமது தெரியா காயங்களும், முகங்களும், பாதங்களும் வரலாற்று ஏட்டில் பதிக்கப்படவேண்டியவை. ஆகையால், எமது கதைகளைப் பாவிக்கும்போது எமது காயங்களையும் முகங்களையும் பாதங்களையும் பதிவு செய்ய மறந்து விடாதீர்கள். நன்றி!


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.-Martin Luther King, Jr.”